Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Masons in the court

If proof were ever needed about the masons and the courts and police, all you have to do is take a trip to Elgin sheriff court. Outside the court on each side of the road are stone pillars with masonic symbols and right across from the court is a lane called masons court, how much more of a hint do they want to give, but the best one i saw was during the hearing for my son when my ex partner's solicitor was calling the sheriff "brother" and the sheriff reffered to him as brother as well, right in front of us i could see that they were so confident that they could do whatever they want and get away with it. Sheriff Hendry had only one thing in mind ever since he arrived for the case, he was only interested in doing what ever his fellow mason wanted, no matter that an innocent 4 year old boy's life was at stake. He showed total disregard for anything i had to say, even though i told the truth the entire time, but they did not bother to check what i was telling them. What disgusted me at the time was my ex partner had broken the court order regarding my time with my son, she kept him every time there was a holiday, but because it takes so long to get in to court she got away with it, and when i complained she was not even given a warning, yet if it was me doing this, i would have been put in prison for disregarding the court order.

The sheriff accused me of deliberately breaking the order on one time when i was away for the day with my son to Avimore for a day out, and because i way picking my wife up from the railway station that evening. I called my ex partner's solicitor to let them know, and i left a message for my ex partner to let her know i would be late. The sheriff decided to believe her pack of lies that i did it on purpose so i didn't have to hand him back, and she turned the little lost girl act on again so she would get away with it, and it worked, but i don't think it would have made any difference, because the sheriff had no intention of granting me custody of my son, because of all the lies by social services , my ex partner, and certain police officers who i have reason to make complaints about, which i have and they have been swept under the carpet by Grampian police, so now i have another fight on my hands to protect my son, but i will fight as long as it takes, the truth will come out.To get back to the court room incident, it was obvious they did that for one reson only, to send a clear signal that they were in charge and because my solicitor is not a mason they were going to do whatever they wanted, not to my son they won't, nor will i allow them to get away with doing this to any other innocent children and parents.

The fact that a sheriff coludes to allow a child to be abused even after i showed him photos of terrible injuries on my son, including injuries to his spine, he still refused to listen, makes me wonder why he would do this, is it just because of his connections to freemasonary or is it something far more serious? My son's case is so staggering even in this day and age that it is hard for anyone to listen, as they are still in a frame of mind that this does not happen in Britain any more, all i can say is wake up before it is to late. With all the publicity concerning masons in the courts and the police service and solicitors, yet they blatantly rub our faces in the dirt and worst of all they rubbed my little son's face in the dirt like he was nothing, they know my son is being harmed and they are allowing it to carry on while finding ways of stopping me from exposing them, how sick can they get ?. Sheriff Hendry has a lot to answer for, and i am now seeking to take legal action against him for what has happened to my son, and for what he said about me in his judgement, as he is legally responsible due to the fact that he made the order that my son be with his mother, in law that means he is libel if anything happens to my son, which it has, so now i am going after him, as well as the social worker and the police officers involved in this bloody mess of a case. I love my son dearly and i t will be a cold day in hell before i ever give up fighting for him.

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