Saturday, 11 July 2009

What a sick world we ive in when so called authors can pedel filth such as this book and by complaining we give them more publiciy than they could hope for. The book i refer to is called Tender Morsels(i doesnt take a genius to work out the meaning of the title). It is a tale of violence and sexual abuse so brutal that it has left adults gasping with shock. More and more of this sort of sorded filth is being published in this country, yet none of our politicians are condeming it, none of them are shouting for it to be banned, i wonder why not ?. I am sick of hearing politicians cry foul when a very serious case hits the headlines, yet what do they do to stop it? nothing whatever. I have been asked in the past if i would be willing to stand for election as an independent candidate, and i have said i would consider the idea if it meant i could do more to stop abuse from within parliament.

I have always tried to keep my word and that is not going to change, i have some time to decide, as there will probably not be an election until next year, Brown wants to play at being leader for as long as he can. I have projects which i have committed to for fundraisers running into next year, but if i did stand, and by some miricle i won, i would still find the time to complete the fundraisers i am committed to. I would like to hear what the public think, and not just about child abuse, i have already written most of the manifesto i would stand on, so i would like to hear what the people of this country want from someone who represented them in parliament.

I will be on again later today or tomorrow with more info for everyone to discuss and i hope some of you reading this will take the time to reply.

Thank you and best wishes

Mr Stuart Carnie