Sunday, 4 July 2010

Moray Council Using threats to get my website blocked by the host.

Moray Council have used threats to have my website shut down because i have exposed the truth behind my son's abuse by his mother and her partner, while Moray social services Forres West Team cover up for a paedophile and a child abusing mother. A report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education into Moray Social services showed that not only are they beyond incompetent, but they have also stated that they are guilty of collusion with other parties and guilty of corruption by way of falsifying statements and lying about the facts of cases.

physical abuse in the way of photographs taken of my son's injuries which include a large bruise on his spine where he was punched by William Guthrie(my son's mother's partner, who also took pornographic photos of my son when he was 3 years old) was buried by social workers and when challenged about it they lied again by claiming it was made up. How do you get an honest 4 year old little boy to lie about injuries he has ?, he made it very clear how he got the bruises on his body, and it was not by playing as the mother claims, it was at her and her partner's hands, they are disgusting and do not deserve such a wonderful little boy.

Lesley Mawhinney, Senior social worker Forres, Mark Cotter, Manager social services child care team Forres, DC Clark,Grampian police child protection division Elgin Morayshire, DS Jones, Grampian police, Elgin, Morayshire, Superintendent Reilly Grampian police professional standards dept, is guilty of covering up for corrupt and incompetent police officers in Elgin involved in my son's case. He has deliberately sent false statements which he claims i made to a police officer concerning what happened to my son, the statement is so full of rubbish it beggars belief, but he is making sure that any complaint is ignored.

John Carney, Head of social services child care for Moray, he is so corrupt he makes bankers look honest. He refuses to hold an investigation into the conduct of social workers in his area, and he continues to cover up corruption and gross incompetence by social workers which will lead to serious injury or even the death of an innocent child in the future,purely on the grounds of his arrogance and his desire to cover up for criminal acts by social workers in Morayshire, he should be removed without delay, but even the local councillors do nothing to protect children in this area. One councillor has tried to help but so far we still cannot get an investigation into the disgusting conduct of the social workers named above, as well as others who i have yet to name.

I have no doubt that children are at serious risk of harm because of the social workers in this area, i can only hope that no one dies due to their abject failure to do their job properly.

As for the family court in this area, it is as corrupt as many others i have heard about. I was one of those people years ago who said, surely the court will sort out the truth, sadly no, the people in charge in the family courts are so corrupt or incompetent it is a miracle that more children have not died or committed suicide because of the abject corruption and failure to protect the innocent when dealing with child abuse cases. The courts take the word of social workers without questioning the evidence they claim to have, most cases that they have involve no actual evidence at all, but instead it is lies and innuendo by social workers who stop anyone who dares question there ability to do their job effectively or honestly. There is so much corruption in the system now that it will take a total overhaul of the courts to put it right, but this has to be done if we are to protect our children.

I will not stop until i have custody of my son, and my wife and i can give him the happiness he so richly deserves.
He is one in a million without a doubt, yes i am bias, he is my little angle and always will be.

I have been asked a number of times why do i not stand for parliament and push for changes from Westminster, i have decided that i will indeed seek election to parliament in 2011, after i have finished working on other things i have on at the moment. It will be a very difficult fight to get elected due to the simple fact that people do not usually vote for an independent candidate in elections, which means it will take a lot of very hard work to convince the people that i am the right person to represent them in parliament and that i will work as hard as i can to help build a better community for them and their children, icluding employment, security, crime reduction, housing, health and all the other important issues that people want to see dealt with properly.

I cannot pretend i am not looking forward to it, i am very exited by the prospect of going head to head with the main parties, but i need all the help i can get to get the information across to the people in the area i am standing in, to that end, if anyone wishes to help, i would be very grateful indeed.

I will be updating the blog on a regular basis from now on, so if anyone wishes to post comments or have ideas for dealing with the problems of child abuse in their area, please feel free to send in your comments.

Very Best Wishes