Monday, 23 November 2009

What we should be doing to make our communities better.

It is a truly sad day whan a council is advoctating we allow our children to enjoy the experience of sex, no matter what their age. This is the new leaflet sent out to parents etc telling them that they are somehow not letting their children do this, or to let paedophiles and perverts do it to them, because it amounts to the same thing.

I remember a very similar argument put forward by Mr Peter tatchell some years ago. He claimed that we are breaching our children's rights by not letting adult homosexuals have sex with our sons, and let paedophile have sex with our daughters. They have not locked this dangerous individual up because that would breach his right to freedom of speech, but the same people who protect the likes of him will not bring in laws to protect good family values or protect our children properly from predatory sex offenders.

As far as i am concerned, it is not a matter of gay, lesbian or anything else,that argument is an insult to decent law abiding people who are gay, and people like Tatchell feed off the fears of the public and they infact create some of the hatred by using gay and lesbian issues as a weapon instead of using common sense and abiding by the law.

The law states the age of concent is 16 and he should be very happy with that, because i do not agree with it nor do many people in this country. I believe the age of consent should be raised to 18 for everyone as at 16 i do not think that many tennagers are ready to make such an important desicion, it is more due to peer pressure and the need to be seen to fit in that many teenage girls lose their virginity, as do many boys due to being pushed into sex by their friends to be seen as being like them. I am sure that many teenagers would be happy to wait until they are older and have had a chance to finish their education before getting involved with what is a life changing situation in their life.

There will be plenty of people ot there calling me old fationed or behind the times, but let me ask this question, what will those who say i am not in touch with what is going on when their daughter comes home at the age of 14 or 15 and tells them that they are pregnant?, the first reaction of any parent will be one of shock, then anger, then when that has subsided long enough for them to listen to their child, she will tell them that they never thought they could get pregnant, or they did it only once, and the excuses keep on coming when the truth is they got pregnant because the parents did not do all they could have to prevent it in the first place. The first thing they do is blame everyone else and claim that they would never allow their daughter to do such a thing, yet these are the same people who attack me for saying hold on. Let your child be a child and a teenager with little to care about if you can, for as long as possible while teaching them about life and responsability in a way that they can understand and talk to you about, because they only get one childhood.

Do not bury your head in the sand and say, It's up to the school to teach my son or my daughter about sex, or it is up to others to tell them right from wrong, it is our responsibility to teach our children and to give them the best advice we can, even when the parent/s did not perhaps get the best start in life. Children are a gift that we should all protect as best we can, don't let the idea that because you don't live in a luxury home, or that your child/ren don't go to private school, that they cannot have some of the chances you perhaps didn't get. Life is about making things happen, and if people get together and do what they can to make their community as good as possible, even when it means pushing politicians to get off their backsides and start doing more for the people they represent, then it is amazing what can be done. I am not saying life is easy or that all the problems will be solved over night, but if we all worked together then we can make life better for our children, and for each other.

People will say, "that all sounds good but how do we get started ?, the answer is, you already have started by looking at this site and others and seeing what other people are doing to help people they have never met, just a little bit of time and effort will go a long way, and i for one am not going to let politicians or corrupt officials get in the way of making this country fit for us to be proud to live in.

Very Best Wishes.